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Intuitively & lovingly guiding you through the rich depths of your soul so you can experience the highest expression of yourself, now.


vocal alchemy | holistic voice coaching

Professional artists & performers, aspiring singers, public speakers, actors, and self-expression seekers: this is for you.

In a vocal alchemy session, we begin by connecting and discuss your specific desires & goals for your vocal journey. We touch on past experiences, injuries, traumas, creative outlets and musical experience (if any). We focus on your overall health and well-being to aid in achieving your specific goals.

I engage the use of traditional and contemporary vocal exercises and practices as well as breath work, stretching, body work, energy work and healing, journaling, and any other techniques I feel will be of the highest benefit to you. This is holistic voice coaching and where the alchemical magic happens. Each session is completely tailored and specific to you.

Sessions typically occur weekly or bi-weekly depending on your goals and the amount of time you can commit to your practice between sessions.

Sessions are approximately 60-75 minutes long.

Virtual or In-Person (Lower Mainlands, BC)

Contact for pricing. Group sessions and workshops available.

energy healing

Energy healing sessions are tailored to the unique spirit that you are. The purpose of energy healing sessions are to cultivate healing, awareness and energetic release to the body, mind, and spirit. You may have a specific goal or intention for the session, or we can see what is ready to be revealed to us in the moment. I use modalities such as: quantum healing, sound healing, reiki, meditation, breath work, somatic practices, medical intuitive work, past life regression, subconscious reprogramming, oracle readings, and psychic readings.

My highly intuitive & energetically reflective nature allows us to go deep, sometimes deeper than will feel comfortable, to unravel and detangle dense energies that are holding you back. 

Allow me to lovingly and intuitively mirror yourself back at you to activate deep + permanent change throughout your entire being. 

Sessions are approximately 75-90 minutes long.

Virtual or In-Person (Lower Mainlands, BC)

Contact for pricing.


sound healing + events

More details coming soon.


conscious motherhood

For those seeking a supportive guide and an intuitive feminine presence to surround you throughout your motherhood journey...


After the incredibly sacred and life-changing journey I went through bringing my daughter earth-side, I am extremely passionate about empowering other women through the process of creating the next generation. No matter the stage you are at in your motherhood journey, there is something to be revealed and discovered, and I am here to assist you in the process. Together we will help you achieve your goals, whether they be to consciously conceive your baby, create your ideal birth experience, or to have a compassionate and discerning voice alongside you as you adventure into the postpartum phase and beyond.

This consulting service is highly specific to you, your goals, dreams, intentions, and stage of motherhood you are in. I use my intuitive abilities to deeply attune to you and/or your baby's energies as well as draw upon my extensive knowledge of natural healing modalities and self-development practices.


Perhaps you have decided that you want to have a baby and want to prepare your body, mind and spirit for this miraculous journey ahead of you while also learning practices to call in the soul of the baby you are meant to have.

Maybe you are currently pregnant and are looking for spiritual & energetic support and guidance as you navigate the physical & emotional ups and downs that pregnancy entails. Or maybe you are feeling strongly about having a homebirth and have questions about the details, or have some fears and are ready to manifest your dream birth experience. Perhaps you are a new mother and desire to break generational traumas and parent your child in a way that you have never personally experienced before.

These are just a few examples to invite you to feel into what it is that you are seeking. No matter the stage you are in, allow me to lift you up and empower you through the process. Contact me for details & pricing.

about me + contact

about me + contact

Welcome, Beautiful Soul.


My name is Mātehya Love and I am a mother, healer, conscious birth & motherhood keeper, holistic voice coach, and award-winning musician. I started to re-remember my healing gifts & abilities in my early twenties after becoming well acquainted with the life & death cycle and beginning the transformative journey of my own self-healing. I soon began to rediscover my profound ability to feel what others are feeling, clairsentience, but quickly realized that my empathic nature was much deeper than just feeling emotions. My intuitive abilities span from sensing other’s emotions, to physical & medical ailments, blockages, past-lives and highest potentials. I am also known to occasionally channel loved ones that have passed on, as well as connect with your spirit guides and ascended masters. I am a reflector, mirroring back at others exactly what they need for their highest growth and expansion as a soul. 


As I was learning and expanding my healing abilities, I pursued music full-time, creating my own music while also professionally coaching people of all abilities in singing and piano. Through the process of healing deep traumas and blockages within myself, I learned how to guide others through their own journey, facilitating deep and soul level changes. 


After having my first baby, I felt the strong call to build a transformative container for women and to assist them in remembering their natural abilities and power. This is not only to conceive and birth naturally, but to mother their children and themselves consciously. I have studied meditation, breath work, sound & energy healing, naturopathy, herbal medicine, somatic practices, psychology and beyond. I harness my own techniques and gifts so that I can truly help others transform their lives. Thank you for being here, and I look forward to connecting deeper with you. 

For bookings, rates, questions, or anything else, please email or text me:


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vocal alchemy
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conscious motherhood

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